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Doctor of Medicine, Dalhousie University School of Medicine 2004
Family Medicine, Dalhousie University School of Medicine, 2006
Fellow Integrative Medicine, University of Arizona, 2015

About Alexis


I am a physician at the Integrated Chronic Care Service in Primary Health Care at the Nova Scotia Health Authority. I work in a team-based approach at the Integrated Chronic Care Service blending my knowledge of integrative and functional medicine in the management of complex conditions such as multiple chemical sensitivity, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome and multimorbidities.

Trained in primary care/family medicine, I practice Hospitalist medicine at the QEII Health Sciences Center, offering general medicine for adults with acute and complex chronic conditions.  

Grounded in the rigor of my Western medical training, I blend allopathic medicine with the traditional wisdom of complimentary practices, informed by evidence. I listen to and retell your story, learning your terrain, and what ongoing perpetrators, mediators and triggers are directing your biological system towards balance or imbalance. You are the expert in your personal experience, while I am the guidepost. Together, in collaboration, we target the pillars of lifestyle modification: sleep & relaxation, nutrition and diet, movement & exercise, stress reduction, and relationships.

I offer consultative Integrative and Functional Medicine care at Advance MD, where I appliy a systems biology lens to the multidisciplinary clinical treatment of chronic disease.